Cold weather (0°c or lower) is taking cameras offline over night


I have mounted 3 cameras (two eufycam 2 and a single eufycam 2c) around the outside of my home. When mounting, the homebase signal was ‘great’ and showed no sign of signal issues. However, as the weather has gotten colder, I am finding that a camera (it differs each time) will have gone offline at some point overnight and it doesn’t come back online for hours. It isn’t the homebase, as this is the 2nd homebase that they have been connected to (I got a 2nd homebase with my 2cs and decided that was the dedicated camera base) and I have had the same issue today with the 2c, which I only mounted yesterday!
I thought these cameras were made for the cold weather? The place that I live isn’t even particularly cold this is a standard temperature in winter especially overnight and I can’t really afford to have my home security system randomly shut down because it doesn’t like the cold.
Worse still I don’t even know that it has happened, I am having to check my cameras every morning to ensure it isn’t offline as eufy offer no means of notifying users that there is an issue.
Has anyone else had this issue? I don’t understand what the problem is here. I have had this issue with my 2 and 2c so it is unlikely that I have bought two separate defective products.

I’m probably no help here but are your batts fully charged on the cams that fail? Batteries don’t like cold.

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I’ll take any help that I can get honestly.

So they are fully charged before I mount them I think the lowest battery camera at the moment is 80%

I have a eufy wireless 2k cam and that never has this problem

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So… I have had many offline cams in my time. Each firmware update gives me a wide range from great to horrible with each update … with the latest update it was a mess right away… and then worked itself out after a few reboots and a couple of removes and re add. ( I just knocked on wood ). Make sure your firmware is up to date on all your cams and homebase. And then mess with the trouble cams. As far as cold goes I would think the 2c cams would cool the fastest with the small size. I have silicone covers on my 2c cams ( not to keep them warm ). If you find it is the cold… try covering them somehow to eliminate that as a problem. If still under warranty… that would be my last option.

Does anybody know the operating temp range on these cams?

So since posting this I have readded one of the problematic cameras and at time of writing, both cameras are down citing no signal. When I mount them, they are ‘great’ and full bars. When they work they are full bars, when they go offline, they are impossible to get back online and they eventually fix themselves but it can be hours later.

At this point I’m not even sure if it’s the cold that is doing it as tonight isn’t as cold as other nights.