Cloud works like a charm, RTSP unstable


I have two Indoor Pan&Tilt cameras with RTSP enabled. For some reason watching footage using the Eufy app works great, RTSP is super unstable with disconnects and timeouts.

If I had network issues I would expect crappy connectivity in the Eufy app as well… Anyone any idea what could be wrong?

Same problem with to 2 x 2C Outdoor cams on a Homebase 2. Already reported to the Eufy service. Fact is in my case the App itself while as soon as I reconnect the stream it works relatively good but immediately if I go back to the settings the stream is broken. Amazing: I tried to stream on the PC with VLC as well with another RTSP streaming software and the same effect. Going back in the App at the “NAS(RTSP)” screen it stops working as well as on my NAS.
It worked longer when I closed the app directly and completely but even then it stopped after 5 Min. and latest when I tried to re-activate the second stream (from my second cam, opening the app again).