Christmas chime Wireless Doorbell

There was an update for the Wireless doorbell “Support Festive Doorbell Ringtones”. This cannot be switched off or muted. It is now past Christmas and I would like my doorbell to match the Homebase chime!! I have raised this query by email to support… they do not have an answer.
Can anyone please advise how to fix this issue?

Press your doorbell button 5 times in a row allowing a little time between each press to turn the festive audio on or turn off.(Doorbell firmware must first be updated)⁴


Scrooge here. We have the same problem and tried pressing the button 5 times but it’s still Christmas.

Don’t have a doorbell… but wasn’t the Christmas goods super late this season? Maybe they just want you to get your moneys worth and extend it till July?

Sorted. Take the doorbell out with the key they gave and hold the sync button for 10 seconds on the back. That resets the bell to factory settings. Any guests etc have to be redone.