Chip stuck inside of camera P24

I received the indoor camera p24 an inserted the microchip which promptly got stuck inside of the camera! Now I can only see live video and nothing gets recorded. Any recommendations on how to get the chip out of the camera or to prevent it from getting stuck, if I can get it out?

This would frustrate me. I just got these and I had trouble getting one of the Micro SD cards staying in the slot on one of the cameras. It didn’t want to “click” to lock in until I was finally able to push it even further with my fingertip.

Will tweezers help you get the card out? Whatever you do, make sure you unplug it first before you start sticking things in the slot lol.

My only thought of it getting stuck is that the SD card was turned wrong when it was put into the slot. Tweezers are probably the best option as stated. (or that is our assumption of when he says microchip)

I would try to immobilze the camera as to prevent any unnecessary turning of the device if you do put some pressure on it…

I will say you may want to try different tweezers if you have them as some may be thicker than others. Just remember to take your time.

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Yours is likely similar to mine with sd card slot alignment issue.

you can try put a bit pressure to the front and try to push the card to pop out.

This happened to me too. It slid in and was recognized in the device for a while, then popped out and I cannot even expose the SD card slot to use tweezers on it. If I try to turn the camera up it gets stuck half-way up. Is there a way to open up the camera to expose the SD card slot?

I have not put a sd card in it for a while. I can not remember if it was to be plugged in when you did it or to have it unplugged…

Does anyone know how to dismantle the camera to expose the SD card, the bottom of the camera assembly?

In the front bottom where black meets white body, there is a slot to pry separate the front from body.

but if your card is stuck inside, you will damage your sd card slot metal housing and also destroy your sd card.

get a pair of tweezer.