Chinese company ? Please be *very very* clear as to data protection

As I understand it, Eufy is owner by Anker, which is listed on the stock exchange of Shenzen, China.

There is a major problem with data privacy as chinese laws now are similar to US law against terrorism, but apply to political activities like supporting the independance of Taiwan, criticizing the “national security law China has imposed on Hong Kong” in Hong Kong or indeed China’s Repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang.

As I understand it, the Chinese state can force chinese businesses to deliver all data pertaining to chinese as well as foreign citizen, and there is also a “gag order” preventing these companies to even talk about it.

This is worrying, considering this very post becomes an issue, as well as all the data collected on Eufy customers (even if video / facial recognition data is kept on a local homebase, there are questions about what data /metadata is on the Eufy server, like the 6 eufy cookies that are currently active on my computer now, and the fact that Eufy has mails of all accounts - and, if two factors authentication is developped, will also know the phone numbers of my whole family -).

For a start, could there be clarity about eufy ownership and legal localization ? The country in which the software is developped is also of interest, as I would not really trust code developped in a company with a Communist Party cell.

As a goal, could eufy be localized in the most protective system for data privacy, probably the European Union ?


Unfortunately if all the said above s true then they do not by law have to give you any transparency! That being said this will be over looked by eufy because its a fact. I hope I’m wrong :expressionless: but will not hold my breath. Also with HomeKit involved now you can force the cams and base to just your local network. This allows the product to not communicate outside of the network.


I would also think Chinese law would require Anker to lie to you about this issue if necessary, to preserve the deception. So don’t expect any reassurances to be worth anything. I’m sure the Chinese already have all the data on you, complements of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Privacy and anonymity are dead, and we killed them.

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Just consider your cellphone as your house arrest bracelet. You have digital tracks.

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And it’s not just the Chinese we need to worry about. The federal government and states are doing “contact tracing” using you phone location data, for the lofty purpose of protecting us from Covid 19. Toyota is selling the tele-matics information from your Camry to insurance companies who want to make sure you’re really telling the truth about how many miles you drive each year. Cameras capable of reading license plates are everywhere, and the data from many of them are available for sale to anyone. In fact, you can buy your own camera to do that yourself. And a local company I work with has developed a system that combines facial recognition with remote temperature sensing to identify infected people. Expect your car to be automatically disabled next, so you can’t spread the virus.

Dude, we just live in a world of voyeurism and the look at me I’m a influencer world. It’s just what it is. If this is bothering you, go google your name and see all your personal information down to your home address is on the internet. An the bill was called the patriot act for a reason. But anyways yes they are a Chinese company. They have a HQ in america and these utilize Amazon AWS servers etc. if someone wants to listen in on you they will. So just do your best to have strong passwords, use your credit card if your not using cash for purchases (easier to dispute) and just live your life. Not like your a wanted fugitive on the run. As for the China thing in closing, are you going there for a vacation?

I really don’t use social media platforms or anything and I’m sure American company’s have dosieas on us all.