Chime on HomeBase for Camera Motion

I would like to see a chime tone directly on homebase for a motion event on a camera. The current settings only allow for an alarm at the homebase. A chime or other more mellow alert would be good and having the ability to link this to times of day would also be ideal. For example, a chime when a car enters the driveway and motion is detected on a camera. This is needed as sometimes my phone is on silent mode and the alerts linked just to a camera are not heard,

It would be nice to link this to multiple homebase units in my home for better coverage of the notification.


Hi Eufy Support! Any updates on this idea?


Hi Joe, it might be better to send this to as they not tend to these forums that much.

I called in to tech support to ask them if this Chime from the camera on the homebase was possible just a couple of days ago… The tech agreed that it was an obvious easy thing to do but didn’t think it would be implemented any time soon. Apparently it’s a menu selection for the doorbell to chime the homebase. I don’t understand their logic. Are they limiting features on the camera to sell more doorbells OR what ?

Who would like to see a chime available for the Camera? Please “Chime in” to test this company and see if it is a democracy or a dictatorship :>)).

+1 for me here! This would be great.