Charging problem

Really hoping someone can help. I purchased 3 eufyCam2 and homebase. At the end May 2021. Along with a doorbell. I can’t get them to charge properly. The first time was great 100%. As they lost power I charged them again. From the homebase but no luck. I have used Different leads and sockets. One will now only charge to 4%. And the other 2 between 40 and 80%. The doorbell show 100% and with a day it is less than 50%.

Hi din***,
Is the temperature starting to drop where you live?

Lithium batteries tend to not hold as long due to weather conditions (and how often your cameras are getting used)

Power Manager

I’ve noticed quite a lag in the power manager window and what the true charge of the battery is. I use an iPad charging block and refresh (open and clock Eufy App) to get a better idea of how much the camera has been charged.

HomeBase USB output for charging is just as quick.
Have you tried different cables?

I am sure you’ve checked your settings, maybe your door camera gets used frequently. Sometimes our will have 46 recordings at 1:00 each if were out in the yard… it’s colder now so the battery drains dramatically faster.

I came here to post the same thing.
Cam E being charged for four days now and will not go above 85%.