Charge using a portable battery pack?

Just purchased the Eufy Cam 2C and I’m loving it. One of my cameras is in a high traffic area and I’ll probably have to charge every 20 days. Because it’s high traffic, I don’t want to take the camera down and miss 5 hrs of footage while it’s charging.

Has anyone tried charging their cameras using a portable battery pack (when it’s not raining of course)?

I have this one below from Samsung and it says it charges at 5V, 9V and 12V. I’m not too familiar with how chargers work to detect which output to use, so I’m scared of the 12V being too much. Can I use this on the Eufy cam or should I purchase another battery pack?

Yes, Lifehackster demonstrated this in the linked YouTube video.

The charger/camera will determine the rate it charges at so all will be fine, the battery works with any standard usb.

I charged my 2c with an $11 solar panel, a battery bank and a 15 and 30 foot ‘normal usb’, all work well.

I had an old solar power bank laying around so I put it up with mounting tape under my eave with 2 outputs going to the cams, the power bank charges up by solar and whenever I wanted to charge the cams I’d just click the switch on the power bank, no need to remove the cables or ever do anything but hit the button on the bank, which was in between the cams. Cams are also under eaves so it’s dry but I could have put some silicone on the connector if it wasn’t.

My favorite was the solar panel, but I’m unsure if charging the battery up every day is good for it, I would cover up the panel to keep it below maxed.