Car lights set off camera

Hi all

Got my 2c mounted on driveway

Works fine in the day however at night cars set it off and an ambulance on blue lights (that doesn’t bother me)

I’ve tilted the mount as much as I cab and set activity zones any more ideas (lowers sensitivity to 5) worried low sensitivity will stop what I need to see

I luke the cam but need to get rid of false alarms if possible

View of set up

Thanks on advance

Can’t figure out how to upload a pic…

@phillip.welch1 Unfortunately, I have the same issue with my Eufy Cam2 Pro in my driveway. It’s usually a reflection of lights off my vehicle which triggers the camera. Sometimes I’ll snooze the notifications for an hour or two to keep the recordings, but not get the constant alerts. It defeats the purpose of being “warned” though, lol. Luckily I have other cameras attached to the front of my house to help with important alerts.

Managed to add pic of set up now

@phillip.welch1 It’s a tough location. You can setup a zone and make sure the camera is not picking up the road, but lights or reflections inside the selected zone can still trigger the camera at night, even if you have it for Human Detection (because at night it defaults to all motions).

I’m hoping an update might address this, but not sure it can. Btw, the floodlight cameras operate the same, especially because they don’t have AI detection. The other possible alternative is to light up the driveway area and see if there’s less light changes which may not cause a camera to trigger. Not the best option because of electricity and keeping lights on all night, etc.

I have literally installed over 1,000 security cameras and counting now of many, many brands and headlights at night are always going to be an issue without some type of AI for people only recordings. Some cameras were well over $2000 a pop and car lights would still set them off same as any other camera.

Upside is that man could I tell when a streetlight bulb or security light needed replaced! :slight_smile: Trying to record entry gates on motion near a road was consistently painful. Some you just accepted that you were going to record every single car as the angle and light spill is unbeatable.

The reason is that motion is detected by the number of pixels changing in a scene. Light flashing by changes a ton of pixels, thus it is motion and the camera records. You can lower sensitivity to stop lights, but then a person walking by may well get missed as their motion is lower than your threshold seeing as you have to lower so much to try and miss lights changing 45% of the pixels on your cam. The person changes like 10% for example, so now you miss people. You don’t get falses, but you don’t get real either! This is where AI is needed and it is slowly coming finally.

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@Razer Thanks for the information! Good to know that it’s a common problem, even among pricier cameras. Like you mentioned and I agree, I’d rather get everything and ignore the recordings, than to dial it back too much and miss everything. I’m sure in three years that AI feature will be on all cameras, LOL!!

Maybe a threshold where movement from 5-25% or whatever kicks it in but a pixel change of 35% it can filter out if things are back to normal a second later.

I get a certain time of day when the sun is rising that I get the reflection of car windscreens and the wash at night from headlamps. On balance I’d rather have the false alarms than miss the actual stuff, which is where most of us are.