Can't turn off snooze

I am unable to turn off snooze on video doorbell. Not getting any motion detection notifications. Certainly defeats the purpose of the doorbell.

I came here to post this same issue. Motion snooze is default checked and when unchecking the box to allow for motion detection, the save option grays out so you can’t save the setting. Since installing yesterday, the doorbell has almost never activated motion after trying all sensitivities with no limits in activity zone.

I am interested if anyone (user or company) has a solution. I am also having trouble, using the Android app. (Galaxy S10+). I cannot turn snooze off. The save feature grays out when I take snooze off. This seems like a bug that needs to be fixed, or at least make the interface more obvious on how to disable snooze. I also do not want the app to decide when to snooze on its on.