Can't find qr code for floodlight camera

I hae checked my camera and the box it came with, there is no qr code. there are the manual input codes, the one on the box is different from the one on the camera. I have had so much trouble trying to link this with no success. I have a telstra gateway modem. I hope someone can help, please

I have the same problem no QR code

Just pass that problem. On the phone "android or ios use the app. Wen ask to scan said do without. If you click on the usa canada choice they guide you on the pairing with the flood cam directly to add the wifi to use and the password to use the wifi.

You plug the flood light. Red light still. 25 sec start to blink red. Push the sync on top untill a bib. It beguin to flash white. Check on your phone the wifi device select the cam, enter wifi to use, the password to use, open the cam ecurity and youhave a new xevice to configure. You can add it to google assistant, google home, Alexa and apple home kit.