Can't download all of 1 days videos... only delete option?

Hi, how do i download all videos from 1 day?
I bought cloud storage today but it didn’t give me option to backdate upload.
I can select all (which doesn’t actually select all, just the ones loaded at the time, and if you scroll down and morw load it deselects previous selection), but then i only have a delete or cancel options?!

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As painful as it may be, currently you can only download a file at a time.

That is unbelievable.
I will go back to Arlos and will be returning these cameras. Completely non user friendly.

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I’m fascinated with this… who would opt for this on a cam system that prides itself on self monitoring and local storage. And… how does it work? What does it cost? Why would you get these cams? People pay for this and don’t understand it at all. Sorry… can’t help at all… just wowed.

Anyone else?
I have an indoor camera 2k, but want to delete the entire cloud storage, which seems impossible to do so. Only option is to delete, as per each event loading, its not even possible to select the entire day…or week or month. Something fishy about not having this option possible!! Somebody help, who knows how to delete the cloud history?