Can't configure NAS storage on indoor cam

Got this two indoor cams (Pan&Tilt and 2K) and I’m trying to set up NAS storage. When I tap on NAS (RTSP) in the settings, it won’t advance on configuration. Instead, it goes back to the settings menu, not allowing me to proceed on the configuration. Any tips on what is happenning?

Have you got the latest version of the app and the latest firmware for the cams? I have for indoor cams and for the app. My app version is one back as the current version 3.0.1 964 because the current version breaks Bluestacks which is my solution to a lack of PC version.
I don’t have any problem setting up RTSP with my setup. I had it running on 2 indoor cams as a test, but didn’t like that it reduced the resolution to 1080p. Just checked and set RTSP up on my test 2k indoor cam and it walked right through config and worked fine.

All on the last version. Cams runing and app 3.2.0_1016(EU)

I was behind on my app updates but moved to the latest 3.2.0_1016 and was still able to set up my test cam with RTSP. Unless there is a specific change in the EU variant of the app, I don’t see any issues with this version. I would contact support and report the behavior via email.