Cannot sync as microphone not working

So today I noticed my doorbells weren’t capturing audio, in live stream or recordings. I decided on resyncing both doorbells by resetting (press sync 5 times) and by removing them from the app. I followed the instructions for syncing them with the base unit which was ok up until the point where the homebase emits a sound that the doorbell should recognise, however, as the doorbells are not capturing audio (when they were synched to the homebase) they will not pick up this sound, now I have no way of resyncing them.

I’m at a loss, I’ve reset everything, checked firmware, have decent internet, all positioned how they have been and connected how they have been since April when they were working, only for them to somehow break over £200 wasted on hardware I cannot use.

What can I do now, I’ve contacted support and await their response, but I’m not sure that they’ll be able to do anything.

Anyone else had similar or same issue? Anyone get it fixed?