Cannot reach Home base with 4G

Hi everyone
I’m from France
Today i’ve tried to install homebase 2 with eufy cam 2.
Working fine with wifi but absolutely not when i try to use mobile data to connect (iOS)
« Unable to connect homebase 2 (-3)

I’ve read some topic about this issue but no one can help.

I haven’t got a device to use HomeKit as main app.

Does somenone has a solution ?

Thank you

Yes, me too. I’m in France too.
Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t.
I’m on Android with Free.

Hello, same problem here.
Android app on free mobile network.
Can use live stream through the website but nothing works on 4G (no live stream, no homebase Access,…).

Please someone or eufy support, help us.

It works yesterday without any change of the setup
This morning I’ve made a test just by walking over a cam. I didn’t get any notification and the base is unreachable again with (-3) error.

It seems to be a Eufy issue because I’ve got other products from other brands which are working with cloud connexion and those products are working fine while eufy homebase don’t.

IOS with Free

Had the same issue for months. Can’t seem to find a solution. Eufy don’t seem to address the issue either.

Hi everyone
Still have the same problem with remote connection
Latest update doesn’t fix the issue.
Eufy support can’t help
I’m really disapointed about Eufy and i don’t recommend eufy’s products to others security Cam users