Cannot pair eufycam to HomeBase

Hi, I am seeking a way to pair a 3rd EufyCam to my HomeBase because I have followed all of the steps in all of the guides and through support as stated. The first two continue to work without issue, but adding a third does not work.

We’ve gone through two replacements and nothing is pairing. Now I do have a MicroSD card in the system, which has been the keeper of videos. Not sure if that has anything to do with pairing failing here at all (why do the other cameras work, but no 3rd can be added?) and left grasping at straws to try to find a way to add a third camera when supposedly you can have up to 16 on the home base.

Any have a clue, do I need an upgraded HomeBase 2 to get everything working or is two actually the physical limit here and I just need to refund the camera?

What camera are you trying to pair to your homebase? And what cameras are already in the homebase system?


Any other information would be helpful.

Is your homebase on wifi or ethernet to the router?

Are you bringing the camera close enough the homebase for the audio sound from home base to connect to the camera? I usually keep my new camera just six inches from the home base when initially pairing it.

Did you hear the camera make the beep sound after pressing the sync button for 2 seconds?



If you’ve tried everything as stated above and what n1976jmk mentioned then it sounds like either:
A. You’ve got a defective EufyCam.
B. You’ve got a Homebase 2 that has been compromised by some means such as one of the latest updates.

I’m leaning towards B. but it might be A. What firmware version do you have for the Homebase 2?

Have you contacted ?

Yo tengo el mismo problema, tengo Eufy Camera 2 pro trae 2 con la Home base pero compré otra y no permite aparearla a la Home base… :weary: