Cannot pair door bell

New homebase2 installed without problems, wifi signal test is “great”. But cannot pair door bell.
pfsense firewall, allowed pretty much everything tcp/udp
cisco switches SG250
ruckus wireless wifi

every other lan or wifi device works, but I cannot get the door bell to work. When I connect it to a smartphone-hotspot everything works.

  • How is the homebase2 installed wired or wireless?
  • How far away from the homebase2 is the doorbell?

The homebase2 and wireless doorbell communicate over a hidden proprietary 2.4Ghz wireless channel. I originally paired my doorbell next to my homebase2 and then installed it at its location. I had an issue at first because my homebase2 was too close to one of my Sonos speakers. I used Sonosnet so my 2.4 GHz can get pretty noisy.

During pairing the Homebase sends sounds that must be detected by the bell.
Did you hold the bell near the Homebase?
Did you remove the protective cover from the bell? it blocks the microphone.