Cannot get notifications to work for video doorbell, eufycam and homebase 2

Hi All,

I have recently purchased 4 eufy cams and video door bell with homebase 2, and magnetic door entry sensor.

I have set all the cameras and doorbell up, but am having significant issues in trying to get notifications to consistently work on my Samsung note 10. I have also shared the device access to two others in my family, also with samsung note 10’s.

Basically, the notifications will work for a a few hours, then I get nothing what-so-ever. This is really concerning and frustrating as Im not getting notified when someone turns up, or rings the doorbell. This defeats the purpose of having purchased this whole system.

I have been through all the recommendations in the manual and through my smartphone in ensuring push notifications are enabled correctly and will not sleep or be turned off, and that all battery optimisation settings are not interfering with this app.

I can get the notifications and doorbell ring notifications to work again by logging out and logging in on the eufy app on the phone, or by restarting the home base. This works for a short while, then all notifications cease to work after an hour or so,

I have good wifi signal strength to all the devices.

As a side issue, my homebase audio is now crackly in the way it makes sounds, either for chime sounds on the doorbell ringing or the door sensor opening, or even with speech sound when syncing a new device. It appears like the speaker is damaged. Initially when I got it, it didnt do this. This is only a minor side issue at this stage.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what I might be doing wrong? Could it be an app issue? Or an issue with account permissions considering logging out and logging back in gets it to work again?

I really didn’t want a security camera system that was so unreliable or with weird idiosyncrasies that i had to constantly monitor and trouble shoot.

At this stage I am almost inclined to return everything and look for another alternate product that better made and reliably works. Im really unimpressed with this products at this stage.

I appreciate any advice.

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If you’reon android, this may be a battery optimization issue from the phone. You should disable any optimization for the eufy app.