Cannot connect to camera (error -106)

Has anyone else had this message with their video doorbell? This is a doorbell I have only had a few weeks and it is not being used because every time I mount it next to my door I get a few beeps, a few blue lights and the message on my phone. To get it working again I have to go right through all the setup process again. I can then stand right next to the door holding the bell and the bell works as it should. As soon as I put the bell into the mount on my door frame, the problem immediately starts again, even with the door open.
I can’t find anything about error -106 which is not helpful. Can anyone help please? Thanj you.

This is what I found for the error - 106


Cannot find the device

Place the camera closer to the HomeBase or remove and add the camera again.

So it could just be that the HomeBase is too far to communicate with the doorbell. If you’re able to can you move the HomeBase a bit closer to the doorbell?

Hi jd164. Thx for replying. My video doorbell is one of the newer devices (I think) because it does not require a HomeBase. It connects to my wifi via my router, which is just the other side of the wall from the doorbell. Also, the problem only starts when I put the doorbell in the “bracket”.
If anyone else has this problem, I am now experimenting with moving the doorbell up 6 inches on the door frame to take it away from the door lock which of course is metal. At the moment this is working but time will tell.
There is nothing special about this lock, it is a usual mortice lock, and a doorbell should not be rendered useless by proximity to a door lock.

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