Cannot connect to 1080p Doorbell


Has anyone got any ideas why I can’t connect to my 1080p battery doorbell?

Error messages include -

Cannot connect to the doorbell (-3)
Cannot connect to the doorbell (-204)

I’ve tried changing the video streaming quality, re-pairing it with the base station, moving the base, pairing it with a different device - Nothing.

Also noticed it’s discharging SUPER fast. I charge it up, app claims it’s at 100% and within a week it’s dead as a doornail. It’s only 15 months old, so honestly kind of unimpressed with this. Rear floodlight camera still seems to work okay, but the front doorbell is all but useless.

I have the same issue. did you resolve this?

Nope. I tried reaching out here and to Eufy - Nothing. So in the end I bought a Ring doorbell and it’s worked perfectly ever since.

I’d never buy Eufy kit again.