Can we have a lot less advertising?

I’m tired of trying to check my doorbell and getting offers I don’t care about. Or “feature” updates that amount to nothing but shuffling menus around.

All your in-app advertising is doing is making me less likely to either buy or recommend Eufy products. It’s clear money extraction is you primary concern.


Couldn’t agree more. Won’t be buying another one of these products for this reason. Can’t stand the ads.


I will not be adding to my present Eufy security system 3x3c camera’s 2 x motion sensors and 5 window/door sensors and no matter how many times they bombard me with adverts I will never buy another Eufy product, Eufy like to sell their crap and do not offer support when we have a problem. When my system get too old for my sensors to work properly then I will throw it in the trash and move to another manufacturer even if they offer to give me bits for free…

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Eufy must have been sold to Wyze.
Poor app release
lots of ads.


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^^^ so much this. Stop the pop ups and in app and in web page advertising. We’re already on the site. I’ve had eufy for two days and am already annoyed by the ads.


Does someone from Eufy actually acknowledge and respond to the posts and comments on this forum? It’s the least they could do.


What ads are people talking about? :-o I see only ads in the community forum, or whatever those are. I really hope these dont come to our region

Complain via: app main page, select help, then at bottom feedback etc

Eufy do not worry about our moans and complaints for problems that they have caused because all Eufy want to do is sell their crap that is why we get all these advertisements and I do not believe they bother to read the forum.


I gave a bad review on the app and they replied with an email to message to turn the ads off for your profile.

Must have read my mind. Just come here to say enough with the ad’s and its at the top of the list.
I use to own a cheap Ebay doorbell that used to not notify you until you show activity on you phone. I brought this doorbell to monitor my door or to tell the postman where to put the package. By the time I open the app, look to how to close the random ad that I couldn’t give a shit about, “Shit postman already left” and putting the letter to pick you package up from post office your self.

What is the point of buying this unit for $289 from bunnings when it still missed the postman like the $89 ebay smart doorbell. It Does the same thing… what a rip-off.

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Eufy can bombard me with as much advertising as the want because I will never buy another Eufy product because of all the problem which Eufy useless support cannot fix and also Eufy refusing to address the low volume alarm siren.

The latest is placing ad button over the camera settings button, so you have to see the damn ad. Eufy marketing sux!

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