Can’t see eufy cam2 on the app, so can’t sync it

I can’t see eufy cam2 on my app, so I can’t sync it. I only see eufy cam, then 2C and 2E. Customer support said just to try reinstalling the app, checking for updates, running mod other devices, then when none of that worked just said to return it and get a different model??

I have version 2.6.0. Can someone confirm this is the version they have , and that they can see eufyCam 2 there? I’m in Australia if that makes any difference

I have the most recent version of the app (2.6.0_841) and don’t have any trouble selecting the Eufycam 2 to add.

  1. When you first hit add device, it will show you pictures of the various device. Select the one that says eufycam /2 / 2Pro. That is the correct choice, since they combine devices that share common characteristics.

  2. Select the Homebase you will be attaching it to and then follow the prompts.

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I’m based in Australia. Can you add the Eufy Cam 2 Pro? When I add a camera all I can see is the EufyCam? No EufyCam 2 or EufyCam 2 Pro

That’s strange, but my US version of the app shows the 2 and the Pro in the same picture to add, so they must use the same code.

Did you try adding your 2 to the plain old Eufycam choice? I seem to remember that before the Pro was added to the lineup, they had all the Eufycams under the same picture when adding.

If you haven’t tried adding your 2 to the Eufycam, it’s probably worth a shot.

Do you have a Homebase 2? You need that before the 2 or 2C will work. I don’t think you can add the newer cameras to an older Homebase.

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I’m using the Homebase 2. I have the 2C cameras connected all working ok. Waiting for the 2 Pro to be delivered from AliExpress, really hoping I can connect to my Homebase 2 in Australia!

What’s the exact version of the app? Does it specify a location (like EU or AUS)?

My app version is V2.6.0_655 cannot see anything about US, EU, Australian location or version of app?
Really hoping I will be able to connect the 2 Pro cam.

I also have the US V2.6.0_655 app version and it shows the eufycam 2/2 pro in the add section.