Can’t manually or automatically update 2k indoor firmware

I already have a indoor camera on firmware But my new camera is on firmware and won’t automatically update or manually it just says firmware up to date. Tried restarting it didn’t work, tried resetting it didn’t work, tried a different iOS device didn’t work. HELP! serial number T8400P2020240E74

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Same issue here on two 2k cameras bought from Amazon last week. Stuck on but says firmware up to date. Not sure if it is related but I also can’t register via HomeKit Portal (animation spins around for a bit then… nothing).

I’m exactly the same. Purchased from Amazon. Although my first one was also from Amazon and that updated fine. Purchased another and it didn’t work. So purchased another 2 and they don’t update either and can’t access the HomeKit portal just spins too

Eufy distributes their updates on a rolling schedule, so you can’t really tell when your devices will get updated. The manual update won’t do anything unless its your turn in the update cycle. If you have an problem that a certain update fixes, send an email with your device serial and firmware and ask that they push the update to your devices. Given the problems certain updates have caused, its better this way.

I also have the problem with pan & tilt cam bought from Amazon. Homekit portal is not working and the firmware is not updated.

I’ve spoken to eufy support a couple of times of the last few days and they have apparently pushed the update to me. This hasn’t happened at all. I’m still stuck on the lower firmware. If they don’t sort the problem soon I’ll be sending it back

I’ve spoken to them a few times and they have apparently sent it to me yet my camera still hasn’t updated or doesn’t have an update available

You might try unplugging the cam for a an hour and then plug it back in and make sure it connects. It should check for an update at that point.