Can’t connect WiFi to new router

I’ve replaced my old modem router with a new one. The Homebase will not connect to WiFi when I select the the new router & add password. I’ve also tried removing all devices from the app & installing again. I’ve even uninstalled the app & installed again. Help

Are you trying to connect to the 2.4 Ghz connection on your new router? Eufy devices only connect at 2.4 Ghz and many newer routers have connections at 5 Ghz. Usually, devices have both spectrums installed.

Yes - I’m running the 2.4ghz version

Did you try first to connect the hombase to the new router with ethernet cable?

Well first connect with Ethernet cable. After doing that you can switch it to connect wirelessly. If still having issues lot of time routers are setup to use what’s call band steering where both the 2.4ghz band and the 5ghz bands are setup with the same ssid name and password. The idea being when devices try and connect if they can they will try and connect to the 5ghz band freeing up connections for the 2.4ghz band since more device connect to the lower band. Some device such as the home base might have trouble connecting to some routers when using band steering. To correct this go into your routers Wi-Fi configuration and setup different ssid name and pw for each band. Maybe add a 2 or 5 at end of ssid name so you know which is which. Then connect the home base wirelessly to the 2.4ghz band only. This could help stablize the connection.