Can’t add my battery operated doorbell

I’ve had my battery operated doorbell for two months —has worked fine —all of a sudden it stopped -it went off-line and I cannot get it back online -I Every charge the doorbell I have reset the Wi-Fi I have deleted the doorbell and re-added it but it will not be adding out into the account-what do I do

Have you reset the device using the sync button?
I read some post that someone brought it back to life by pressing the button multiple times. Not sure if that also resets the doorbell though. But resetting the doorbell itself may do the trick.

Have you tried the following steps? What’s the status light on the Homebase?

Press the sync button 5 times quickly and it will connect and bring it back to life.

Also having the same issue, 5x sync and 10s+ sync hold aren’t working for me though. Has anyone had any joy here?