Can’t access indoor 2k camera remotely

I installed 2 Indoor 2K cameras at my mother in law’s house. When trying to access the camera feed from the app, I cannot establish a secure connection while on MY home WiFi network. I can only view the cameras if I turn off WiFi and switch to cellular LTE. Now, I have three other outdoor EufyCams at other locations and can connect to them in my house with no problem. Any ideas?

I’m also getting the same problem. I’ve had the camera set up for months, now all of a sudden, with no change in Wi-fi, I am only able to view on my my phone’s 4G network, and no longer Wi-fi. I notice that you have not had a response to your query - not very good support. I’ll be returning mine if this is not answered.

You do realize this is not a support forum? This is just a bunch of users and volunteers sharing their knowledge. Once in a while Eufy will publish something here for information, but if you want support you need to contact or their phone or chat.

This point should be a sticky so people don’t post here thinking that someone will contact them with help. If your post isn’t clear, or its a sunny day out, you may not receive any response.