Can not connect home base to network whatever i try

Just got a set of eufy cameras and doorbel and try to set it up. But whatever i do, the homebase does not connect to the internet. I keep gerring a red light or a blue blinking light and a lady telling me that homebase can not connect to the internet. Quite frustrating. Connected it straight into the router. Internet is working fine. Tried different lan ports. Nothing…getting a bit frustrated as I was expecting easy installation

I think once you plug in, there is a button to push. This is also one quirk. Before you unplug the router cable from the home base, you connect to wi fi first, and then unplug after that to move it somewhere else. If you unplug the cable and then try to connect to wi fi, it won’t work. I found this out after 10 minutes of entering in the password and not working . Once I plugged the Ethernet back in it worked.