Can I turn off detecion notifications when I am home?

Hello, I have just setup an eufy pan & tilt camera. On my phone I keeps getting notifications evert 30 second, that the camera have spotted “someone”. That someone is me obviously… How can I make the camera stop detecting people when I am home?

If this is a duplicate question I apologize, I searched for a solution already, but all threads I find is about “camera stopped detecting” - and not how to make it stop.

Kind regards, RP

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In the App under Security/Modes click the gear icon for Home there uncheck Notifications & Record Video for the cameras you don’t want notification for. The when your leaving you will need to go into the App Security & click Away when you return home you will need to go into the App Security and click Home again.


Thanks! this is exactly what I was looking for ! :slight_smile:

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