Can I shedule just one of my 2 eufycam 2 cameras

So I’ve got few different eufy cameras (indoor outdoor, mains or battery powered)
Two of them are eufycam 2 battery powered and connected to home base (fron garden and back garden)
Question: can I shedule back garden camera to track motion and record videos only at night time (I’ve got kids and dog playing in my back garden most of the day and they trigger that camera)

Sure! Set up 2 modes… one how you want the cameras to behave during the day. ( maybe use the home mode for this ) and then make a custom mode called nighttime… ( mine is called “goodnight”)

Then use the “schedule” button and create your custom schedule. Then select the custom mode whenever you want it to follow that schedule.

There has to be an instructional video how to use these features… anybody know of any? ( trust me your not the only one wondering )

Here is my schedule if that helps: