Can I send Eufy 4G Starlight camera feed to the cloud?

Hello, I have an Eufy 4G Starlight camera that is connected to my phone. However, a situation may arise where somebody enters the secured space, I cannot attend to my phone, and they remove the SIM card from the camera before I saw and saved the footage on my phone. Therefore a question: is there any way to send the footage from the 4G Starlight camera to some cloud, where it can be stored safely in case the camera gets destroyed?

Not that I’m aware of…
I copied this from their product description.

Cloud Service: With built-in 8GB storage on 4G Starlight Camera, all videos are saved locally for you to review in the eufy Security App with No Monthly Fees. 4G Starlight Camera does not work with any cloud service.
Compatibility: 4G Starlight Camera works with the Google Assistant and Alexa. It is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.