Can I schedule the motion times?

I can’t seem to find a function to schedule when my camera is set to motion detect. For example I would like to schedule my garden camera to only be set to motion detect during the nighttime. Can this be done? Thanks

Hi Jack,

Unfortunately there is no way to control the motion detection on the cameras like you have described.

However, you can create or edit the way in which your current system captures said motion.

So say for example you create a day cycle where you tell the camera of choice; “if motion detected then don’t record” this can be done by un-ticking the appropriate box.

Afterwards create a night cycle that says “if motion detected then record” and tick the record box that meet your preference.

Then create a schedule combining the two cycle and select it as your default security status.

It will unless you change it, automatically flick between the two cycle daily(if you set it up daily that is).

Hopes this helps.

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What the first commenter stated in that it is not possible is false.
If you create two security schedules and link them to the time based schedule, you can do exactly what you requested.
You can specify per camera what it should be doing on a certain time of day.

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Thank you for validating my last paragraph.

Have a nice day.

Hi thanks for the reply I cannot find the functions you mention. I am using a eufy cam pro X2 and home station and setting up on my mobile. Thanks.