Can I make doorbell ignored zones larger?

Can I make ignored zones larger or a I stuck with that tiny square?

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You should be able to select it (it will have white dots in the corners) and then customize the size by pulling on the white dots.

Doesn’t work. I can make it smaller, but I can’t make it larger. The largest the square gets is from the ground to above the fender on a small sedan. Active zone I can make bigger. I’ll attach a screenshot tommorow.

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It’s not clear to me what device you are talking about, but eufy products generally only have an activity zone. So everything outside that zone will be ignored.

I’m using the wired doorbell. So if I use the activity zone, I don’t need to use the ignore zones? What’s the purpose of the ignore zones?

What’s an ignore zone? Can you post a screenshot of what you are referring to?
The activity zone is like this: everything within the zone will trigger a notification (if enabled) and everything outside is ignored.
To be fair, there are edge cases where something on the edge of an activity zone is also picked up, so it requires some tweaking (talking from experience).

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The way i understand it, everything in red shouldn’t trigger activity. I’m trying to highlight the whole car, while leaving the part of the driveway. The whole car triggers it at night.


Tonight, I’m going to try it this way.


I thought all zones were active. Red just allows you to identify the zone you are editing or deleting. The colour is not relevant.

This exactly. The eufycam 2 has rectangular activity zones. They have a colour so you can identify them individually.
I can’t even get a zone to end up red. So it must be a different one than the battery doorbell.

@elox: do you want to detect only humans, or all motion? If the former you should place the activity zone over the entire driveway. With the zone you set up now, you might miss a lot of events when the car is not on the driveway.

There’s definitely two zones with the doorbells.

@John0 Your right. Maybe I’ll just disable motion at night. I have the Pro doorbell facing the street and haven’t received a false positive yet.

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Wow, Today-I-Learned moment :smiley:
I did not see this in the documentation. Is this the new pro model from Best Buy (5 days continuous recording)? Nice to see this addition to new products.

So this ignore zone cannot be increased in size, bigger than on the screenshot?
Best write support, maybe this is a bug and has to be fixed in a firmware update.

Thanks for sharing the images, they were very helpful to me!

I know some RING doorbells have this ignore feature? Interesting


You are correct and I was wrong on the red square. On the 2C cameras i can expand the red activity area and with the wired video doorbell I’m limited to the same red square that you have. The thing about it is I’m not sure if the red square is another active zone or to be used as an inactive zone for moving trees, etc., because there’s no information on different color zones in the setup. (Blue, green and red) In the animated example of setting up activity zones they have 6 points that seem to adjust in more shapes than just a square or a rectangle.