Can cameras be hacked by someone using our Wi-Fi

I have just been threatened that someone can hack our camera through our Wi-Fi

Is this possible - this has been reported to police but just want to find out how I can see who has access to my cameras

Anything is possible given enough time and knowledge. There is no way for you to see who has access to your system other than the limited sharing tools in the app. Eufy has log files, but user don’t have access to them. Unless the hacker has access to your wifi password, and app password, its not very likely they can break the encryption. Best thing to do is have strong passwords for both and don’t share them with anyone.

It would not be easy to do, but it is possible. It’s one of the reasons that I don’t have cameras inside my home. They’re outside. Even so, Eufy says the files are encrypted. As far as Live view, the system may be hackable, but it would require certain skills and tools.

The files are encrypted at rest and the stream is encrypted as well, so without the key, no one will be able to view the video. You need the app and the encryption key in order to view any video. That’s why you have to sign in to use the Eufy web portal. Only exception is if you use RTSP locally, which is un-encrypted.