Cams freezing since last update

Are you working on fixing the freeze on the cams. Defeats the purpose of having them if they will not record. Has been like this since the last update a few days ago.

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Always happens to mine. I have seven camaras. Three froze lastnight. My wired floodlight went offline for 16 or so hours three times this week. Then went back on out of the blue. Nomreason for it.

I have read numerous posts saying the max you can add to a homebase is about 4 cams. Have you ruled out this is your problem? Asking because I’m looking to buy a fifth cam myself.

I’ve got six 2pro2k cameras and a battery doorbell on one homebase2 and they work pretty well for the most part. Someone else suggested putting the homebase2 in wireless mode. I didn’t think that would help, or maybe even worse not being hard wired, but it has been behaving better for whatever reason, except after this last update some recordings are now freezing that weren’t before.

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Thanks for your reply. Currently I have 0 issues with my three eufycam 2’s, only the doorbell is unstable. So my total is at 4.

The frozen recording issue is fixed in eufy security app v2.0.1_676. The update may not yet be available for you (it appears I’m the only one with the update, I’m the first reporter of the problem according to eufy). Changelog is as follows:

Android V2.0.1

  1. Solve the issue that a clip may not be played when it includes two compression formats.

Cool. Thanks for the Android update info. Did you update the app through a different app store than Google? They dont have that latest one.

Yes, from the play store. I don’t know why it’s not available. Checked apk mirror and it’s not on there either.

App update on Play store now. Seems to be working so far.

Edit: nevermind. Video of me walking out my back door froze in the first second. I’m going to try restarting my phone and clearing the cache.

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Im in Australia and no, I have same issue since update and from what I’ve been reading, so have a lot of other people. I had the issue with cameras but that is fixed but now am waiting for eufy to fix the issue with home base. Have been in contact with them over past few days with this issue