Cameras stopped picking up anything

Any ideas our 2 cameras have basically stopped working they no longer pick any motion up they worked fine until Sat 20th Feb and now nothing I can still click on them to see the live feed

Hi. Sounds like a pain. I will try to help you. I see your new (lev0) so I’m gonna say crap that might sound obvious.

What happens when you walk into your cams sweet spot? What cam do you have? If you set your cams to show it’s led on motion… are you seeing that?

Don’t get me wrong here. I have had many problems with this. My cams would miss giant ups trucks driving up my driveway. I found that some weird HomeKit update shut my cameras to human only. (Didn’t mater how my settings were set) And I don’t even use HomeKit.

Settings in your settings are just a request to the cam. Ok…sounds crazy. I’m a pilot. When my checklist says landing gear down … I hit the switch. Later my checklist asks: landing gear down and locked? These cams don’t double check settings. I regularly turn things off and back on when I feel trouble.

I had one person looking at the wrong day in the calendar… it happens. Give us some more info.