Cameras Randomly Cycle between Offline and Online With Apple HomeKit

have a total of 8 Cameras connected to HomeKit and they randomly go offline (sometimes all of them and sometimes only a few at once). They are a mixture of Eufy Pro 2 Cams and the Eufy Indoor Cameras.

At this point I am out of ideas. I have set static IPs for all the cameras and that did not help. I also set static IPs for all the HomeKit home hubs and that didn’t do anything. They never go offline in the Eufy App, it is just for HomeKit and when I navigate to the camera when I get the offline message the camera comes right up. At this point I am out of ideas and will try anything.

I would like to mention that I use the Omada Router System and have the Omada Wired Router and Omada Access Points including their outdoor access points. There are no overlapping 2.4ghz channels as each access point is set to a static non-overlapping channel.

I have noticed that the device used as the HomeKit Home Hub switches throughout the day sometimes, not sure if that could be an issues but with there being no way to set a preferred one, if that is the issues I think I am out of luck.

Any suggestions?

I have the exact same problem, apple did alot of troubleshooting. My case is like i have Eufy 2 outdoor cameras and have quite a few hubs at home. ( 2 apple tv, 2 mini homepods ). My issue is hubs go offline, they just cycle between online and offline once i add the Eufy into the system. As you mentioned, i doubted the network / dhcp etc and did a good bit of deep dive to identify the issue. Apple didnt have a clue as well. Further, i have noticed in forums about similar issues for Eve camera etc with apple homekit.

I have a strong feeling that it is an apple issue rather than a eufy issue. But this only happens when adding a camera into the network and have secure video on.