Camera's picture blinks at night, continuously

Hi all,

I can’t seem to resolve this, the camera works fine during the day.
But the picture flashes uncontrollably during the night, I’ve reset the camera 3 times and put another another in it’s place, which had no issues!


All I see is the info at the top of the view flashing. Looks broken to me. How are your other cams ? If this is the only one I would ask for a replacement. They are actually really good about this.

That’s all there is it looks like the IR enables for a split second then stops but the text also flashes like the entire feed is cutting out, do they have a contact number or should I take it back to place of purchase? (Australia)

If you contact support… sorry it’s an email address. I don’t know it offhand. They will start a ticket on your junk and will take care of it. One good thing I can say is they back their junk.

Sorry for your troubles, from the video it looks like you have a defective camera. Please contact and let them know of your troubles and they will be able to get you squared away