Cameras offline since update

I have a four camera system linking to a single Homebase that has been solid (after some teething problems were resolved). After the software update of 28 May, two of my cameras periodically go offline. They were fine before. What has changed and how do we resolve this?


This also happened to me. I just opened the app to discover no events since May 23

Only getting recordings for last 12… or so triggers perday… so tomorrow i should get another 12 records and so and so on.

Love the proucts but please remove that last update

An update for the app this morning. But I still have two cameras offline.

Is it possible to roll back the firmware update. The signs are that the connection between the Homebase and two of my cameras has been weakened. Reduced wifi power???

Received the update to the HomeBase today One camera was completely unresponsive immediately afterwards. I had to remove it and then add it as new.

My problems have been resolved. The update caused all my accounts to be in a mixed category that shows all alerts and only 12 videos at a time… thanks for the assistance!

Two cameras still reporting as offline since the update. I’ve tried the usual re-connection, but without result. Advice please.

Eufycam2 went offline . Remove and added again worked for 10minutes then went offline AGAIN. IT IS IN THE SAME SPOT AS BEFORE. WORKED OK TILL UPDATE. PLEASE ADVISE


I realized the HB2 was just updated supposedly optimizing commmunication with devices, would that have shortened the range also? My eufy cam2 went off line last night. Definitely the range has been shortened for me about 15 feet. I had to move the HB2 about 15 feet closer to the Cam2 to get it to play video on the app. Why the HB2 update 6/17/20?
The cam2 keeps going offline, my battery door bell is still okay. Definitely the HB2 update last night affected the communication between the HB2 and the Cam2 . I’m returning the Cam2 to Amazon while I still can before spending more money on the eufy ecosystem.

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So, shortly after my post on June 6, all my cameras were back online and reporting good to strong signal strength. Q. Do eufy push tweaks to INDIVIDUAL USERS???

However, after yesterday’s app update I’m back to two cameras offline. {sigh}.

hi, im new to the eufy cameras, i’m trying to link all 4 cameras so i can see all at one, not just one at the time. could someone from tech support could email me so can help me resolve it.

There’s presently no option set for viewing 4 cameras at once for a live view. Recommendation is to play with notification settings and set those to your preferences.

Issue is still going on in May 2022, I have reset the concerned camera several times and also reset the home base and all camera’s but after a certain firmware update issues started. Can Eufy bring out a solution in the firmware so that max of RF signals are used? This from the homebase towards the camera’s. After a reset it works some time but than again a camera go offline. I heard same issues by my friends, Eufy please advise or anyone…(battery all full and also switched camera’s, home base via ethernet).

Yesterday I have reset my modem and put the homebase in working modus Beta. It looks now that the camera I have issues with have a better connection with the home base. Don’t know if in this mode the RF signal output is increased or not but is seems to work better. Hope it stay this way. RF signal stripes on my camera are also better now. If it stay this way than it works perfect and I am happy again.