Cameras activity zone won't extend to edge of camera view

When selecting a motion detection zone, I cant extend the zone to the edges of the screen left and right. I can extend it all the way to the top and bottom. See my screen shot, the left and right edges are as far as I can extend the motion zone before it just stops. It wasn’t like this a month ago. Did something change in the app? I have a pan and tilt 2k and 2x indoor 2k cameras.

I’m also receiving double notifications for each event. First with be my android default notification sound, the second is the tone I chose in the EufySecurity app notification setting “Eufy motion”. I’m on android 10, I tested on both my Samsung S20 FE and my older LG G7. Both have the same issue. I’ve tried deleting all the cameras and adding them, tried new account.

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I’m having the same problem with the indoor 2K camera. The activity zone used to extend to the edges of the frame on there left and right, but after some update it pushed the left and right edges of the activity zones inward by a lot, and i can’t extended them back out.