Camera stolen please help

My camera was stolen is there any way to find it or see if it is being used elsewhere?

i would report the theft to eufy support. you will need the serial number of the camera. if it ever gets reconnected to the eufy servers they should be able to locate it. i would not trust eufy to follow up after you report it so you may need to check in every now and then and have them check.

It doesn’t have GPS so there’s no way to track it, but so long as you don’t disconnect it from your Homebase they won’t be able to connect it to theirs. Try cranking up the sensitivity on its motion detection (just for fun)… If it gets within range the motion detection should trigger and send you video.

that is totally incorrect. when your camera connects with the eufy servers it relays all the camera information including the camera SN and IP address. that infomation is used by eufy for warranty registration. if the camera reconnects with eufy servers they can use the new IP address to locate the camera right to the exact location. to the OP - you should file the camera theft with your local police department. if eufy tells you the camera is back in service they won’t give you any more information then that. at that point you can approach your police department to track it down and recover it.

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You are right. Eufy can help.
My camera was stolen yesterday too. Anyone from Eufy can help to detect Ip address when it is on?