Camera siren Time duration

Cameras siren sounds only for few seconds after a detection.
It could be a great thing to have an option to choose how many seconds they have to sound.
Ex. From 30 seconds to 180.

Thanks a lot


@agente.g Agreed! As of right now, when cameras are set to trigger as individual alarms, they will only have an initial sound for 5-7 seconds. It will only refresh and start alarming again, after the recording event stops (which varies depending on a person’s selection of 20-120 seconds). If you manually set the alarm off, or if it’s in “Away” mode (with the home base set to trigger) or by an anti-theft feature…then the alarm will sound for 25-30 seconds at a time.

I understand for battery purposes, or accidental triggers that Eufy may not want the alarm to trigger for a long while. However, having a setting like they have for recordings (20-120 seconds) and allowing the user to set the intervals would be appreciated.


Also agreed. Need more alarm time. Let me decide how fast i kill my battery.


100% agree. Giving it a variable timing feature would at least allow you to adjust it to a shorter or longer based on your own personal need. I know with mine, 30 seconds is good because if I am not home and it goes off, my dog is never in for a good time.


I would appreciate

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Anyone other needs customizable siren time?
For me it is a must.

I agree

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Agree +1


Agreed! I would like to let the alarm sound untill I manually switch it off.

Agree external siren a must otherwise a good system is useless

Agreed! Definitely a must-have!

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Personally I would like to shorten the length or at least cut it off with acknowledgment.

Setting between 5 and 60 seconds is preferred