Camera should reconnect on its own

Hello Eufy!!

You need a way for the cam 2C to automatically reconnect to the home base when it goes offline! I have had to unpair and repair me cams twice because they went offline. This means I have to get on a ladder and take my camera inside to my home base repair it and then remount it. Please make a way so the cam to reconnect to the home base without having to take it down.


You hit that on the head! To me that would’ve been a no brainer to include. :wink:

That’s what I thought!! This should be something that is just a normal feature. The camera automatically reconnecting to the home base.


My camera automatically reconnects. I have lost power and my router reboots once a week dropping the WiFi and my cameras always reconnect to the base station.

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Well that’s great to hear! Not sure why it does not work for me…

My 2c only sometimes reconnects when I forceably reboot the basestation…I say sometimes…