Camera Offline - who's getting the same issue?

Hi All,

Some of you may be having the same issue I am, with your camera going offline for no reason and requiring a re-pair to the Homebase.
This is a repeatable and persistent issue that seems to happen every day or two.

It does not appear to be a charge issue as the camera has been near full charge every time it’s happened.

It does not appear to be a location or signal dependent issue as I’ve had it happen with the camera sat right next to the Homebase.

My model of camera is the Eufycam, however others have reported the same issue with other models (Eufycam 2 and 2c).

I’m not getting any helpful resolution from Eufy support beside the generic “reset and try again” - if you have the same issue as me, can you please post below and list your camera model so Eufy Support can be helpful and get this fixed.



Out of curiosity (and probably a hint of stupidity) do you have anything else setup on the Homebase?

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3 cameras only (Eufycam and 2C), no other devices.

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I would say you have a faulty camera, I have the same setup as yourself and have not experienced this issue(touch wood)

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Rebooting my router seems to work. I have the eufycam2, after the HB2
recent firmware update, the WiFi range has been shortened between the router and HB2.


Check other thread, been having this issue almost on a daily basis…

I am now having this issue, I have 8 original eufycam’s all were connected and working this am, now the camera’s are picking up motion but no recordings or notifications, when I try live view it tells me to add a device or sensor. When I check my home base all 8 camera’s are paired. I’m in Australia and it’s 1:17am here and I’m not trying to resync 8 camera’s now which means I have no security till I’m able to reset and re add camera’s. I have restarted the home base 5 times with no change. I changed from Arlo pro camera’s because of issues and now having issues with eufy!

I am having the same issue. I have two cameras, a basestation 2 and a battery doorbell. The batteries are all full and each camera is showing full wifi signal. Periodically, each of them goes offline and does not come back online again. I have to delete the camera and re-pair for it to resolve. I’ve tried rebooting my entire network infrastructure and it doesn’t seem to help. I’m on gigabit xfinity cable internet.


Same with my2C, setup on the 8th July & all good with both camera’s until yesterday (19/07/20) with driveway camera going offline & having to delete & reinstall and same again tonight. Not impressed :frowning: 80% battery charge / excellent WiFi according to eufy app. At least I have until 08/08/20 to return to Amazon if it keeps happening.

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I’m having similar issues, cameras have been working fine since April now twice in 2 days and both cameras offlne, restarting the base station dosent work. Ethernet connection via a switch to the router homebase 2 eufy cameras.

My homemade (therefore cameras) have been offline now for around 14 hours. I’ve restarted the modem and homebase multiple times with no luck. Nothing from eufy to say there is an outage and this is not the first time this has happened since owning the devices since April this year.

I had a similar issue a few firmware updates ago. My cameras kept going offline.

I ended up resetting the homebase (please note reset is not the same as reboot/restart). After the reset I re-added the cameras and the system became stable once again.

I have had my Eufycam 2c system (2 cameras) for about a week now and had this problem happen a few times. The way I got the cameras to come back on line was - I went to settings on my I-Phone - reset my wifi setting from 2G to 5G and back to 2G. Cameras must reset somehow and come back online. Good luck - I hope this works for you all.

I’m having a similar issue with the original eufycam’s, I’ve had to remove all camera’s and home base everyday for the last 4days and re add home base and camera’s (I have 8 camera’s) they have been working on a schedule for 6 months with little problem now they stop recording and when I try live view it tells me to add camera or device even though they show up as paired in my devices. I’ve contacted eufy support and they said I will have a firmware update in the next 24 -48 hrs that should fix it. Well see if it does!

Same issue!!!

Did you ever get the firmware update?

same issue with one cam2. plenty of battery, signal test “great!”
firmware up to date
I have push sync button - apparently camera powers down on its own
started last week, with no change in system. occurs evey day or two.

eufy - you need to give us option to NOTIFY! when camera goes offline!
this is no warning unless you check with app. THIS IS CRITICAL!


Yes I did however the home base then just started resetting ( as in a new device) every 12 - 24 hrs and when it reset it would wipe my micro sd card. I would have to do a new set up with all devices. I contacted eufy and the place of purchase as my system is still under warranty. I have sent it to my place of purchase to be assessed and hoping they will replace it. Eufy contacted me and said the engineers were looking into it, I had to send a screen shot of the message I received when the home base had reset ( please contact support for help) and it took several days for them to get back to me saying they were going to try a new firmware. I had already sent the system back so don’t know if that would have worked.

Oh man. This isn’t what I wanted to hear. I just got my Eufy cam system yesterday and was looking forward to setting it up today. I hope I don’t encounter these issues but from what I’ve read so far, it looks like I probably will and I really wanted to eventually have a full Eufy security ecosystem. Guess I’ll just wait and see.

Setup did not go well. I cannot connect my Homebase 2 to my router. An agent on the live chat told me to submit a pic of the QR code to their support team and they could resolve it remotely. So, again, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

While I was waiting for my cams to arrive I was seriously excited to go all-in on their products, security and otherwise.


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