Camera off and on (schedule)

Hello everyone,

I was just wonder if the developers of the app could have you pick on schedule if I want this camera off or on. I thought of this as my backyard camera only stays off for 20-30 days as there is a lot of activity, but I would also like to keep my front door camera on the whole time whiche the backyard camera on at a set time.

I was just wondering if this is possible so I don’t kill my cameras battery.

Thank you

Could you give us some more info? One of your camera modes is “SCHEDULE”. This sounds like what you are looking for? To give you an idea how it works —- I use the schedule to turn on all cameras with alarms at night… alarms off during the day… and I turn off 2 of my cameras from 2-4 pm because I get tons of false triggers from the sun, but it leaves the other cameras active. Once set up, the schedule will make all changes without my input.