Camera not identifying people after recharging the battery

I took 2 of my cameras down to charge the batteries and forgot about the anti theft alarm. It started going off so I had to unplug the home base unit to get it to stop. After recharging the batteries and putting the cameras back up, the cameras are not picking up motion anymore. Does anybody know why?

Not sure this is of help… but… I had a camera pointed at a specific area… and it also just happened to grab cars going up my drive 25 ft away. Not it’s job but I loved the extra eye on my driveway. Charged the batts and it stopped triggering on any vehicle.

Took a screenshot from an old vid and new vid and compared them. Putting camera back up I had pointed the camera down ever so slightly. Moved it back and off it went. I was amazed how such a small move could make such a difference.