Camera not always picking people up!

Hey all,

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Sometimes my cameras don’t always pick people up. Some have activity zones and some do. Would say the ones with activity zones are worse but only just. Doesn’t happen all the time just doesn’t catch people always.

Anyone else have this issue or point out why I’m being thick as I’m sure it’s one thing dead simple!

Cheers guys


Hi. I’m having the same issue. Not sure why. Picks up people “most” of the time. It seems “maybe” it doesn’t pick me up when I’m walking away from the house?

Same here. Unreliable activity detection after updating to latest firmware (base 2.0.98 / cam 1.6.1). Not what security products are about, right?

yes I have the same problem on top of camera stop recording and sending notifications. I have saw post on these problems posted as far back as 2018. These problems should have been addressed a long time ago. I already have my system but if I knew about these problems I would have never purchased.

Lot of movements are not captured for me

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Snap on 1.6.1 same issue no longer catching anything, eufyCam 2C