Camera no longer captures events

2 days ago i noticed the camera (2C) didnt capture any events during that day. Yesterday everything was fine, so was up to 2 days ago. Today, i walked by the camera a few times but again not a single event was captured.

The settings of the camera are max sensitivity and optimal surveiance. I use scheduled security modes. The issue occured during Home mode, where it should record without push notification nor alarm.

What can i do to fix this? The camera is pretty useless if it doesn’t record anything…

Mine is doing the same exact thing and I’ve only had mine for about a month long. It’s making some super weird background noise too right up to that where it almost sounded like screeching

Same here, I could walk by my 2C cam at night and it did not detect me. When I walked back at it eventually there was an event. Mine are indoors…

Regarding the audio, there probably should be an audio sensitivity setting. My 2C pro cameras are super sensitive picking up sound. It picked up and you could hear people talking about 150 feet away- One lot over in the street. Mine are mounted under the soffit where gutters are so the rain and dripping noises are amplified.