Camera Name Change

Hi, can anyone please tell me if the Eufycam 2c name can be changed? I have constantly tried to change the name on both of my cameras but when I type the ‘new’ name and click save the name doesn’t change and reverts to the old name that was used during the original system set up.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer.


Try the following

  1. Tap in the settings icon for camera you want to rename

  2. Tap on Name

  3. Enter the new name

  4. Tap out of the text box, then tap Save


Keep getting no special characters or emjoi’s not using neither can not rename camera at all.

That’s a bug in the recent app version. I submitted 2 bugs to support on Tuesday and received feedback on one, but not this one. I managed to work around it by using an older version of the app that let me skip the validation. My issue was it wouldn’t allow a space in the name, which is ridiculous.

I will follow up on this with support tomorrow and see if they looked at it. The underlying database takes the changes fine, but for some reason they screwed up the validation so it doesn’t allow spaces.

I always keep a couple of older app versions around and with Bluestacks or another Android emulator I can roll back to a prior version and see if it makes a difference.