Camera Motion Detection and Alerts stop working

Cameras set up and working fine, then suddenly stop working - solution is to turn off camera and back on and then it works for a while.

This product is not working as advertised. I have researched this and it seems it is a common issue and have found one post from Eufy - which is the basics and restart the Homebase. Which I have done - still an issue.

Any ideas?


Sorry. This is normal for many of us. No ideas from me.

Same here. Need to turn off, then back on cameras for them to function. Only notice they are not working when I walk straight past my cameras with no notification or recordings. Not ideal as it’s a security system! I randomly just turn off then back on all my cameras from time to time. Would be great if there was an alert or red icon stating camera is not working, offline.

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Same issue. Turned cam off & on but motion detection notification is still not working.

Same here, also created a thread. I do see my IR lights go on, but really have to move more until actual recording/alerts.