Camera issues: flickering


I’m wondering if anybody is having issues with their cameras. My driveway camera seems to be malfunctioning. There are lines going across and flickering and it’s terrible at night. I wish I can post the videos to show how bad it is. Also the camera lost wifi connection. The base station was hardwired but after switching to WiFi mode the camera picked up the signal. Strange because I’ve had this camera for several months and worked fine until now.

Anybody else have this problem?

Yep, same problem here
Flickering and horizontal stripes

Send it back to seller as still guarantee

You might try switching Wifi channels. Maybe your neighbor has some new toy that’s generating interference.

I have also seen this kind of interference generated by overhead power lines with bad insulators. A quick test for this would be to grab an AM radio and when you are seeing interference on the cam, run through the band and see if you can pick up major amount of noise at some point on the dial. If your power is underground, you probably won’t have this issue.

Also, look at the signal level on the cam and make sure its getting a good strong signal.

Remove your cams from system and add it again and flickering disapers.

Is this the same issue you’re getting? It’s frustrating me to no end. Horizontal lines flickering all the time.